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Does Lease Termination Let Rent Guarantor Off the Hook?

August 20, 2019    

SITUATION: A tenant leases restaurant space with its principal acting as guarantor. Under the guaranty agreement, the landlord is allowed to show the tenant leniency and make lease modifications, extensions, or amendments with the tenant without notifying the guarantor.

Who's Responsible for Costs of Cleaning Up Contamination Caused by Tenants?

February 13, 2015    


  • 1990: Owner 1 buys undeveloped, pristine commercial property.
  • 1993: Construction is completed on a brand-new shopping center.
  • 1994: Owner 1 leases space in the new center to ABC Dry Cleaners for 10...

Who's Responsible for Making a Tenant's Space ADA-Accessible?

January 16, 2015    


An electronics store leases 3,000 square feet of shopping center space. But the city won’t let the store operate until wheelchair ramps are installed and the parking lot is re-striped to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The owner...

Who's Responsible for Workers’ Asbestos Exposure During Tenant Construction?

December 12, 2014    


A shopping center leases space to a shoe store. The lease requires the tenant to install a new heating and air-conditioning system in the space. It also makes the tenant solely responsible for compliance with “all laws” in connection with the work. The tenant hires...