Set "Reasonable" Time, Place, Manner Rules for Free Speech Activities at Center

January 30, 2024    

Balance your need to maintain order with the rights of political groups.



This November’s presidential election may be the most volatile in recent memory. In the months ahead, political groups and protestors may demand access to the common areas of your...

How to Give Small Tenants “Key Player” Disability or Death Termination Rights

December 27, 2023    

Include 10 terms in your termination option clause.



Extraordinary individuals are the driving force behind many startups and small businesses. But leasing to tenants that depend so heavily on such individuals is risky. The business could suddenly come to a...

Let Tenants Who Can’t Get Bank Loans Terminate Lease

November 28, 2023    

But set clear limits.




Prospective tenants who aren’t fully financed might be reluctant to sign a lease unless and until they know they’ll be able to secure an operating loan. If they can’t get the loan they need, they’ll...

Set 13 Limits on Shopping Center Pylon Sign Rights

October 24, 2023    

Letting tenants post their own pylon signs may put your center’s liability and reputation at risk.



How to Negotiate and Create an Effective Tenant Relocation Clause

September 27, 2023    

We’ll give you seven key terms to put into your relocation clause.


Minimize Tenant Interference with Shopping Center Redevelopment

August 29, 2023    

Don’t wait for a project to begin to address the issue. Put key redevelopment rights in the lease.


Get Right to End Lease or Raise Rent If Percentage Rent Falls Below Expectations

July 27, 2023    

Landlords who rely on tenants' inflated sales projections are apt to get burned.


Get 21 Legal Protections When Renting Space to Food Trucks

June 26, 2023    

Renting to a food truck is generally riskier than renting to an established business.


3 Ways to Protect Yourself When Trading Renewal Rent Breaks for Tenant Improvements

May 25, 2023    

Don’t get burned if the tenant doesn’t complete the improvements work.


Get 7 Protections to Avoid Getting Burned on Tenant Holdovers

April 26, 2023    

Holdovers can be a nightmare for landlords. When tenants don’t clear out after their lease expires, you may have to go to court to evict them. Meanwhile, the replacement tenant can’t move into the space and could end up suing you. Or, if you haven’t yet re-rented the space, the...

Provide for 5 Contingencies in Your Assignment/Sublease Clause

March 23, 2023    

Boilerplate leases don’t usually address these scenarios.


Offer New Uses Rather than Rent Cuts for Tenants Adversely Affected by New Laws

February 23, 2023    

Perhaps the only positive aspect of the COVID-19 shutdowns, at least from a commercial leasing perspective, is how it made landlords aware of just how dependent on their tenants they are. The real winners of the pandemic were the landlords that found a way to work together with tenants to adjust...