Complimentary Issue: March 2021

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Do Government COVID Business Closure Orders Frustrate the Purpose of a Commercial Lease?

One of the unforeseen results of the pandemic has been to assign frustration of purpose and impossibility a central role in commercial leasing litigation. The key question: Can retail, restaurant, and other tenants that had to curtail operations as a result of COVID-19 shutdown orders rely on these defenses as an excuse for not paying rent? This free issue gives you a look at the most significant court cases that have addressed the issue.

Your complimentary newsletter also covers:

  • Limit Financial Risk When Granting Tenants an Operating Expense Cap
  • Make Clients Who Promise You a Commission Put It in Writing
  • Eviction Moratorium Doesn't Get Guarantor of Defaulting Tenant Off the Hook
  • Shopping Center Must Pay $20K Damages for Violating Tenant’s Noncompete
  • Tenant Waived Its Right to Arbitrate by Starting Lawsuit Against Landlord

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