Know When and How to Post Weather Hazard Warnings

Some office building or mall owners put out “wet floor” signs during rainy or snowy weather to warn customers about slippery conditions that could quickly develop on the floors of the property. In just a few minutes, water can collect, creating a hazard. It’s important to be cognizant of potential areas for liability, but make sure to consult your attorney about what precautions you should take as far as these types of warnings are concerned. There’s a good chance that a duty of care—that is, a duty to protect people coming onto your property from danger while they are there—falls on your shoulders, making you liable for injuries. Your attorney can tell you what your obligations are for posting warning signs, installing stair treads, or setting up equipment that would direct visitors to walk around and not through wet areas. If you set up warnings that are inadequate, you could face a lawsuit if there’s an accident.

Also ask your attorney about whether you should require tenants to use weather hazard warnings or retain that responsibility for yourself. Then make sure that any tenant obligations are spelled out in your leases.