Best Commercial Lease Clauses, Thirteenth Edition

Draft Leases that Minimize Landlord-Tenant Disputes!
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“This volume represents one of the very best source books and wellsprings of vital information for professionals seriously engaged in commercial leasing.”  -- Marc L. Ripp, Esq.

Best Commercial Lease Clauses helps you structure safe and effective leases for a range of commercial tenants.

Helping you draft “smarter” leases and minimize landlord-tenant disputes, this new edition of Best Commercial Lease Clauses contains valuable information from some of the foremost commercial lease experts in the U.S.

Here you’ll find a wealth of authoritative guidance—including concrete suggestions on how to plug dangerous loopholes, stay within the legal boundaries, and prevent trouble before it begins. Best Commercial Lease Clauses covers every important area of leasing today—from abandonment & audits to use & work letters.

Not only does the new edition offer digital downloads of every chapter that can be easily printed or shared, the 13th Edition includes a Special Report: COVID-19 and Commercial Leases. It contains insight on dealing with tenants that are struggling under their current leases during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as drafting tips to ensure your future leases will serve you well in similar crises.

In addition to a complete updating throughout, this 13th edition includes two new chapters:

  • Chapter 11: Condemnation, which gives you five protections to put in your lease’s condemnation clause; and
  • Chapter 25: Force Majeure, which discusses how to negotiate the force majeure clause.

New Edition Feature: Special Report: COVID-19 and Commercial Leases:

  • 10 Key Leasing Lessons from the First Phase of the COVID Crisis
  • How to Use Your Lease to Limit Coronavirus Disruption, Damage & Liability
  • Get Eight Protections When Giving Tenants COVID-19 Rent Relief
  • How to Give Tenants Future Pandemic Rent Relief
  • Rework Lease Notice Provisions for the Pandemic World
  • How to Negotiate Force Majeure Clause
  • Force Majeure & COVID-19: New Case Offers Four Key Pointers

1: Abandonment; 2: Access to Premises; 3: ADA & Liability; 4: Alterations; 5: Attorneys’ Fees; 6: Audits; 7: Bankruptcy; 8: Buildouts; 9: Commencement of Lease; 10: Concessions; 11: Condemnation; 12: Consent; 13: Continuous Operation; 14: Cotenancy; 15: Damage & Destruction; 16: Default; 17: Description of Premises; 18: Dispute Resolution; 19: Electricity; 20: Environmental Issues; 21: Estoppel/Lender Agreements; 22: Exclusives; 23: Expansion & Contraction; 24: Exterior Appearance; 25: Forces Majeure; 26: Guaranty; 27: Holdover; 28: Insurance; 29: Lease; 30: Letter of Credit; 31: Letter of Intent; 32: Liens; 33: Limitations on Liability; 34: Memorandum of Lease; 35: Operating; 36: Parking; 37: Percentage Rent; 38: Pre-Lease Agreement; 39: Radius Restriction; 40: Recapture; 41: Refusal Right; 42: Relocation of Tenant; 43: Renewal of Lease; 44: Renovation; 45: Rent Escalation; 46: Rent Payment; 47: Rent Reduction/Deferral; 48: Safety & Security; 49: Security Deposit; 50: Self-Help Right; 51: Signage; 52: Special Agreements; 53: Specialty Leasing Issues; 54: Sublet/Assignment; 55: Taxes; 56: Termination; 57: Use; 58: Work Letters

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