Best Commercial Lease Clauses, Eleventh Edition

Best Commercial Lease Clauses, Eleventh Edition

Draft Smarter Leases…Minimize Landlord-Tenant Disputes!

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2017 / 600+ pages / Softcover / List Price: $272

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Fully understanding that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to leases is both ineffective and useless, Best Commercial Lease Clauses provides you with an actual working tool that helps you structure safe and effective leases for a range of commercial tenants.

To help you draft “smarter” leases and minimize landlord-tenant disputes, we’ve enclosed your new edition of Best Commercial Lease Clauses—giving you BONUS online access to more than 125 Model Tools, including Model Lease Clauses, Model Agreements, and Model Notices, which you can customize and begin using immediately.

This Ninth Edition contains valuable information from some of the foremost commercial lease experts in the U.S. It gives you a wealth of authoritative guidance—including concrete suggestions on how to plug dangerous loopholes, stay within the legal boundaries, and prevent trouble before it begins. 

Best Commercial Lease Clauses covers every important area of leasing today—including abandonment, alterations, audits, cotenancy, damage and destruction, dispute resolution, environmental issues, liens, renewals, rent, rent reduction/deferral, short-term lease agreements, subleasing, terminations, and more!

Highlights of the Ninth Edition include:

  • Strategies for negotiating a green lease that creates value for you.
  • New and standard terms that should be in your estoppel clause.
  • Tips for avoiding the pitfalls of CAM caps during lease negotiations.
  • The lease sections that should be part of your rent acceleration strategy.
  • Insights for drafting an airtight indemnification clause.
  • Standard form lease modifications to make for a commercial condo tenant.


Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Abandonment

Chapter 2: Access to Premises

Chapter 3: ADA & Liability

Chapter 4: Alterations

Chapter 5: Attorneys’ Fees

Chapter 6: Audits

Chapter 7: Bankruptcy

Chapter 8: Buildouts

Chapter 9: Commencement of Lease

Chapter 10: Concessions

Chapter 11: Consent

Chapter 12: Continuous Operation

Chapter 13: Cotenancy

Chapter 14: Damage & Destruction

Chapter 15: Default

Chapter 16: Description of Premises

Chapter 17: Dispute Resolution

Chapter 18: Electricity

Chapter 19: Environmental Issues

Chapter 20: Estoppel/Lender Agreements

Chapter 21: Exclusives

Chapter 22: Expansion Option

Chapter 23: Exterior Appearance

Chapter 24: Guaranty

Chapter 25: Holdover

Chapter 26: Insurance

Chapter 27: Lease Signature

Chapter 28: Letter of Credt

Chapter 29: Letter of Intent

Chapter 30: Liens

Chapter 31: Limitations on Liability

Chapter 32: Memorandum of Lease

Chapter 33: Operating Expenses

Chapter 34: Parking

Chapter 35: Percentage Rent

Chapter 36: Pre-Lease Agreement

Chapter 37: Radius Restriction

Chapter 38: Recapture

Chapter 39: Refusal Right

Chapter 40: Relocation of Tenant

Chapter 41: Renewal of Lease

Chapter 42: Renovation

Chapter 43: Rent Escalation

Chapter 44: Rent Payment

Chapter 45: Rent Reduction/Deferral

Chapter 46: Safety & Security

Chapter 47: Security Deposit

Chapter 48: Self-Help Right

Chapter 49: Signage

Chapter 50: Special Agreements

Chapter 51: Specialty Leasing Issues

Chapter 52: Sublet/Assignment

Chapter 53: Taxes

Chapter 54: Tenants

Chapter 55: Termination

Chapter 56: Use

Chapter 57: Work Letters


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FREE MODEL LEASE CLAUSE:  Limit Tenant’s Right to Parking (from Best Commercial Lease Clauses, 9/e)

Without adequate parking at the property where they rent space, stores and offices couldn’t survive—and owners would quickly lose them. Providing parking seems as though it should be easy—just designate an area where cars can be parked on the property you own. But there are several factors that you need to take into account in order to provide adequate—and legal—parking for your tenants. And you want to make sure that a tenant can’t use the parking rights in its lease to block you from operating your lot the way you want to. Here’s a Model Lease Clause that you can adapt and use to spell out a tenant’s right to parking at your shopping center. Show this clause to your attorney before using it in your leases.